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To conduct PF balance checks, EPF has provided several ways to make it easier for employees. EPFO has won the “Gold Award” for innovative use of technology in e-governance (2015-16). This shows how EPF is making every effort to move everything online. I am mentioning this because of the number of facilities available to employees to manage a pf account. Let us come to the main topic of this post.

You can check EPF balance in 4 different ways. I will provide a detailed procedure to know the PF balance.

Various methods for EPF balance inquiry

You can check the PF balance by following the methods listed below.

  • Know your EPF balance on member passbook portal
  • Using the application balance check app
  • Check PF Balance by SMS
  • PF balance check by giving a missed call

1. Know your EPF balance Member Passbook Portal:

You can check the PF balance using the member passbook portal. For this work, you have to activate the UAN number. The UAN number is useful for all employees working in the organized sector. It is allocated to each customer of EPF. If you do not know your app number, then you should read this post on how to find a UAN number from PAN and PAN number. After obtaining the UAN number, you must activate the UAN number.

Once you have done all these things, go to the UAN Passbook portal.

When registering on the UAN member portal, enter the UAN number and password. Enter the captcha code and login. After logging in, click on the button on the left. Now you can see full details of monthly transactions. This is the EPF passbook.

As long as you subscribe to APFO, you can see the contribution made by the employee and employer to the PF account. You can also see interest annually. The total and employer’s contribution to the Employees Provident Fund account can be found at the top of the page.

If you do not know how to read that post by the employee and employer contributions to the PF. This is the first way to check EPF balance.

2. Using Epf Balance Inquiry Umang App:

The Umang app can be used for EPF balance inquiry. Just download the Umang app from google play store.

Click here to download the Umang App by the Government of India. The Umang app is very useful for many other services. We will talk about them in our next post.

Step 1: Download and install Umang App from the link given above. When you open the Umang app for the first time, you will have lots of options. Scroll until you find the EPFO ​​option under the All Services tab. Choose the EPFO ​​option. You can see the screenshot below for reference.

It will list all APF facilities. It allows employees to access their account details and allows us to make withdrawals, transfers etc. on the app. To request withdrawal, you will have to link the Aadhaar number and UAN number. However, to view your passbook, Aadhaar is not necessary.

Step 2: On the next page, tap on the Services Employee Centric Services option.

Step 3: On this page, tap on the ‘View Passbook’ option.

Step 4: Then you will get the login page. You must enter the UAN number and tap on the GATE OTP link. You will then receive the OTP on the mobile number registered with the EPFO. Enter OTP.

Then it will display if the passbook showing PF balance and monthly transactions. In this way, you can check the EPF balance on mobile.

3. Check PF balance by SMS:

You can check the PF balance by sending an SMS from your app registered mobile number. This facility is available in 10 languages. You can get a special balance in English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, and Bengali.


Send SMS to this number: 7738299899

You will need to replace the LAN with the language of your choice. See below for the code. For this work, you have to activate the UAN number and update the KYC details. To update KYC, you have to enter PAN, Aadhaar number (if not updated) on the EPF member portal. If you cannot update your KYC details online, then you will have to contact your employer and give him the APF letter joint declaration form. I talked about this in that post.

If you want to get the rest of the UAN information in the language of your choice, then you have to replace the LAN with the language of your choice. The first 3 letters of the language you like are the code word to get you updates in the language you want.

Language Code: English – ENG, Hindi – HIN, Telugu – TEL, Punjabi – PUN, Gujarati – GUJ, Malayalam – MAL, Marathi – MAR, Tamil – TAM, Kannada – KAN, and Bengali – BEN.

Example: EPFOHO 100262xxxxxx TEL

I chose my 12 digit UAN number and Telugu in the preferred language.

Once you send this SMS, you will get EPF balance within minutes. This is how to check pf balance by SMS from your registered mobile number.

4. PF balance check by missed call

You can also check the PF balance by giving a missed call with APF from your registered mobile number. This is the simplest procedure of all the methods described here.

You can make a missed call on 011 22 901 406 to know your current EPF balance. This service is available for free (toll-free number).

For any of the methods described here, you must activate the UAN number. The same thing applies to this method. So first of all, activate the UAN number before proceeding.

Once you call this number, it will ring 2 times and then the call will drop. Within minutes, you will receive an SMS with the current PF balance.

This method works even if you do not know your UAN number, but it was activated by your employer from their end without their knowledge. This is a way to check pf balance without UAN number.

5. PF Balance Check with UAN Number Monthly Automatic EPF Balance Update:

In this method, you have to do nothing except activate the UAN number. Once you activate the UAN, whenever a transaction occurs, you will receive a monthly update. You will receive a contribution to your PF account as well as the current PF balance statement.

If you do not have a UAN number, you must know the UAN number and then activate the UAN number. Once you are activated, you will start receiving monthly updates. You will have to wait for 45 days to get monthly updates.

If at any time you want to get the remaining information of provident fund, you should follow the other methods mentioned above. PF balance check with UAN number is about to receive monthly APF balance updates.

If you are still not receiving the PF balance, please contact the EPFO ​​Helpdesk.

This is the end of the main topic about ‘How to check PF balance- Check EPF balance’. If you have any problem in getting PF balance details, please comment below. I will try to help you. Here below I will talk about some topics that people usually ask about EPFO. If you are interested, you can study further.

People search Google about topics related to this post. I have included and answered these questions below.

  • How to check PF balance for concessional installation: I have created a new post for this topic. Please go to that post.
  • How to check epf balance without UAN number: You can do this by following the above mentioned missed call ‘PF balance check’. This method works when your UAN number was activated by your employer from your end without your knowledge. This is a way to check pf balance without UAN number.
  • How to withdraw PF balance: You can read my post on how to withdraw EPF balance online and offline.
  • Do I need to check PF balance regularly: It is always best to check PF balance regularly, but some people find it difficult. If you are such a boy, then you should check the balance at least in cases –
  • Whenever you change job. This is necessary because you must ensure that new employers are responsible for contributing to the old UAN number. So that your old balance can be carried forward from the old employer. Otherwise it will cause problems when you try to achieve this balance.
  • Whenever the basic salary and DA increases. EPF contribution will increase as basic salary and DA increase. Generally good behavior organizations will not make this mistake. Is very the case. But I have to mention it.
  • Sometimes, employers do not contribute. If a company is closed, it can be very difficult to get this amount back. Thus, it is necessary to know the status of your PF balance repeatedly.

It is wise to always keep an eye on our investment. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you have to do even more work and sometimes the damage cannot be reversed. When it comes to the Employees Provident Fund, it is your retirement savings fund. Retirement funds should grow slowly and steadily without any hiccups. Therefore, EPF is best suited for such funds.

Also, EPF balance can be useful for you when you need funds for emergency needs. Even though it is not recommended to use the retirement fund as an emergency fund if you have no other option, the provident fund balance will help you a lot. I have already written a post about the importance of emergency money and saving for it. These savings can be useful at the time of testing.

All this is the way to check PF Balance – EPF Balance Inquiry Post. Thank you for visiting Paperwallet.In.

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