How To Find CIF Number in Indian Bank Account

Banking sectors have digitalized by reducing the hassles of traditional banking. Indian bank is one of the leading public sector banks. To improve its banking services, Indian Bank adapted modern technology facilities to satisfy its customers with its excellent banking services.

If you have an account with an Indian bank, then you have to get the CIF number provided by the bank to each customer. The CIF number is a unique set of digits. Indian Bank gives the CIF or customer information file number in a set of 9 figures.

CIF is a digital file that stores the account holder’s account and personal details. The banks link the CIF number to the customer’s account. The CIF number is the number of functions associated with it. Every account holder has the right to obtain a CIF number.

5 ways to know your CIF number in Indian Bank

  1. If you have your Indian bank passbook, open the first page to find the CIF number printed on the first page.
  2. You can call customer service and request to get a CIF number. Dial 180042500000 (toll-free) number from your registered mobile. Once your call is connected to the customer service executive, you will have to request to get your CIF number. You have to provide some details like account number, name, and address, etc. for verification purposes.
  3. You can also get your CIF number by going to the branch. Meet with the account executive and request to provide your CIF number. For verification purposes, you have to provide your account details as well as personal details.
  4. If you have internet banking, then you can deposit the CIF number online from the profile section after logging into your net banking account.
  5. You can also get the CIF number from the checkbook.

These are the best ways to get your Indian CIF number. CIF number is very helpful in mobile banking. Banking officials refer to the CIF number to collect banking details of any account holder. With the CIF number, it is quite easy to track the account holder’s personal information and gather information about the transaction details.

Each account holder gets a unique CIF number from the bank. If an account holder has multiple accounts in the same bank, the bank provides a single CIF number and associates all accounts with the number. You will have to note your CIF number for future reference. CIF number makes it easy to transfer your account from one branch to another!

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