How To Find CIF Number Online In Central Bank Of India account

With the advent of modern technology, the banking sector introduced digital banking services. Digital banking services have overcome the difficulties encountered during traditional banking. With the improvement of identity in the banking sectors, customers are relieved.

The introduction of CIF number in banking is worth considering services. Each bank provides a unique CIF number to its customers. Banks have their own specific set of CIF numbers. It refers to the customer information file number that indicates the electronic file. This digital file stores the account holder’s details and account details.

The CIF number has immense importance in the banking sector, and every account holder should know about the CIF number. If you have an account with the Central Bank of India, you will have to get your CIF number from CBI Bank. The Central Bank of India provides a set of 11 digits as the CIF number.

How to get your CIF number?

  • Open the next page of the passbook and locate the CIF number printed on the first page.
  • Open the next page of your checkbook and find the printed CIF number on the first page.
  • Log in to Internet banking services using your user ID and password. At the top of the home screen, you will find the CIF number.
  • You can also print the CIF number on your account statement.
  • You can get your CIF number by calling Customer Care 1800221911. Provide your account details as demanded by the customer care executive and you can get the CIF number on request.
  • You can request an account executive at the bank branch to get your CIF number. Provide your account number and identity proof for verification. The account executive will give you the CIF number.

The CIF number of every account holder is very helpful for banking officials. It is easy to track account information, transaction details, and account holder personal details through CIF number. On getting the CIF number, you can easily transfer your account to another branch. CIF number is also helpful in mobile banking.

The above-mentioned methods are the best ways to find CIF Number in Central Bank of India. The easiest way is to search your CIF number from the passbook and checkbook. If you have multiple accounts in the same bank, the bank will provide you a CIF number only once. Multiple accounts of the Central Bank of India will be linked to a single CIF number.

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