PF Withdrawal Online Process – EPF Withdrawal Form, Rules and Status

PF withdrawal can be done online and offline (physical application submission) mode. Before learning how to withdraw pf online, see when you can withdraw the EPF balance.

The EPF was established to provide adequate retirement savings funds. You should not take it back for unnecessary reasons. You only need this balance in case of medical emergency and education of children etc. He said that you can withdraw PF balance as per FF withdrawal rules.

Epf withdrawal rules

You can withdraw the balance in full or partial. The EPFO has laid down clear conditions for withdrawal.

Full pf withdrawal

  • When a person is retired from employment.
  • When a person remains unemployed for 1 month, he can withdraw 75% of his money and keep the account active. You can also withdraw 25% of their money for final settlement of the account after two months of unemployment. For this a gazetted officer should certify this fact.

PF Partial Withdrawal

  • wedding
  • Education
  • Purchase / purchase of land or construction of house
  • Repay home loan
  • Home renovation
  • Once you reach 57 years

I have explained about PF withdrawal rules in my next post. Please read this for other terms and conditions.

Now let us see how to find the PF balance online. You can find out how to do a PF balance check in my other post.

PF withdrawal can be done in two ways,

  1. Online withdrawal request
  2. Claim Form Submission / Offline PF Withdrawal

PF withdrawal online with UAN

You can use the PF withdrawal online facility only if your Aadhaar is linked to your UAN number. First, you will need the signature of the employer for EPF withdrawal but now you can withdraw the EPF balance without the signature of the employer.

Prerequisites for APY withdrawl

1. A UAN member requires a UAN number registration to access the portal.

2. You should know your UAN member e-sila portal password along with UAN. If you do not know the password, please forget my post-Yuan password.

3. You should have your mobile number which is registered with EPFO ​​to get OTP.

4. You should complete the EKYC process by adding Aadhaar number, PAN number, bank account number, and IFS code.

Once you complete these tasks, you can proceed with the PF withdrawal process.

How to remove PF online – step by step procedure

Step 1: Go to UAN member portal and login with UAN and password

Step 2: Click on the ‘Online Services’ tab which is one of the menu bar items. This will pop out 3 options. Among them, click on the Claim (Form 31, 19 and 10C) link.

Step 3: It will display all personal information of the employee to verify the correctness of the information. If everything is correct, enter the last 4 digits of the bank account number for verification and then click on the Verify button. If the number is correct, you will get popup information.

Step 4: Now click on Yes. This is a confirmation to your end that the bank statement displayed is yours and the withdrawn amount will be credited to the specified account.

Step 5: Now click on proceed, click on online claim option. After this, some options will be displayed which you have to choose.

Step 6: From PF Advance (Form 31), select ‘I want to apply’ from the drop-down menu. It is an option to withdraw PF balance online. You can choose any of the following options based on your requirement. You should know that the option you are not eligible for will not be displayed here.

Form-31 – Partial Withdrawal of PF
Form-19 – Complete PF Withdrawal
Form-10C – Pension Withdrawal Benefit and Scheme Certificate
Form-10D – Monthly Pension Claim

Step 7: You must select the pose that requires advance from the drop-down menu. You should choose the right purpose from those options. The reasons are – non-receipt of wages (> 2 months), sickness, natural disaster, power cut, purchase of disabled, house construction, marriage, higher education, and 90% withdrawal before retirement. Here you can see that the purposes for which you are not eligible to withdraw the PF balance are marked in red for related reasons. So, you can choose to withdraw the balance for those purposes.

Step 8: After selecting the correct objective, enter in the ‘Advance amount required’ box and enter the address of the employee.

Step 9: Click the checkbox to confirm the terms and conditions. Once the form is filled, click on Get Gate OTP. OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar card. Enter OTP for the final deposit of EPF partial withdrawal claim.

Step 10: Now the employer will get a refund claim from you for the approval of the employer. If he has no objection, he can accept the request. After acceptance, the PF withdrawal amount will be credited to your bank account from the UAN number within 10 to 20 days.

This is how to withdraw pf online with the UAN member portal. Now let’s see how you can withdraw FF balance by submitting the physical form to EPFO ​​office through offline mode.

APF withdrawal offline process – presentation of physical forms

You can apply for offline withdrawal by submitting a full final claim, which serves the purpose of full final settlement, partial withdrawal of PF balance and pension withdrawal.

You can download 2 types of claim forms. The first is Aadhaar based composite claim form and the second Aadhaar is a non Aadhaar composite claim form. For the Aadhaar Composite Claim Form, you do not need verification. For a non-base composite claim form, you must be verified by your employer.

You can use all types Epf claim form.

Fill out the overall claim form and contract to be attached to the claim form for withdrawal and present it to your employer for submission to your local employment office.

EPF Claim Form

You know all the PF Claim Forms related to Provident Fund Withdrawal. I will summarize these forms here. You read my next post for a detailed description of these forms.

EPF Form 31 – Advance / Partial Withdrawal Form

For partial withdrawal/advance, you should use the PF Withdrawal Form 31. In case of evacuation for emergencies, this form is applicable.

EPF Form 19 – Complete Withdrawal / Final Settlement Form

This form is useful to fully withdraw PF balance at the time of retirement.

EPF Form 10C – Pension Withdrawal

Employers can withdraw the pension portion of EPF contribution by submitting Form 10C. If you are withdrawing your PF balance due to unemployment, then you will have to fill Form 31 and Form 10C.

Form 15G / 15H – Self Declaration TDS not reduced

Form 15G is required for withdrawal before 5 years of service. Generally, you will have to pay 10% TDS on submission of PAN for withdrawal before completing 5 years of job. To avoid this, you can submit this self-declaration form along with the respective withdrawal forms. Like you are saying that your income is below taxable limit and hence no TDS should be deducted.

Questions asked on PF withdrawal claim

1. How to check PF withdrawal status?

Answer:After entering the UAN portal, click on the ‘Online Services’ menu tab. This will display some options. Click on the I’m Claim Track Claim Status link. This will display all the claim requests you have made and their status under each section.

2. What does “PF Withdrawal Status Not Available” mean? Is this rejected?

answer: This means nothing but epfo has not updated the status yet. You just need to wait for the update. This does not mean that your PF withdrawal request was rejected.

3. Online PF Withdrawal Status Status Show, “Claim Settled”. But I did not receive the money in my bank account. What should I do next?

Answer: When you submit an online withdrawal request, it is called the ‘Claim Receipt Date’. Once the claim is accepted by epfo, it will be mentioned on the claim status page as the ‘sending date’. Once epf has accepted your withdrawal claim, it marks the status as ‘claim settlement’. But it will take 2 to 3 days from the remittance date to receive the money in your bank account.

4. How can I cancel a PF withdrawal request submitted online?

Answer: Till now, there is no online provision to cancel the PF withdrawal claim request. You have to contact the concerned EPF Regional Office. For EPFO you can try to lodge your complaint at and call the UAN Helpdesk toll free number.

5. What documents are required for PF withdrawal?

Answer: Till now, there is no online provision to cancel the PF withdrawal claim request. You have to contact the concerned EPF Regional Office. For EPFO you can try to lodge your complaint at and call the UAN Helpdesk toll free number.

  • Composite Claim Form (Aadhaar or Non-Aadhaar)
  • Form 19
  • Form 10C
  • Form 31
  • Form 15g
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Bank account statement

6. Is PF Withdrawal Taxable?

Answer: EPF withdrawals made before completion of 5 years of service are taxable at the slab rate applicable to the person. If the EPF withdrawal is done after 5 years of service, you do not need to pay tax on the PF withdrawal.

If the withdrawal amount is Rs. If more than 50000, then 10% TDS will be deducted. However, if PAN is not deposited, TDS will be deducted at the rate of 34.608%. If the withdrawal amount is less than Rs 50,000 then there is no TDS deduction, but you have to show it as income from other sources and you have to pay income tax when the slab rate is applied.

7. How to show PF withdrawal on Income Tax Return?

Answer: Withdrawals made after 5 years of continuous service are exempted under Section 10 (12). You can show this discounted PF withdrawal amount in ITR1. For this, you have to go to the Tax Pay and Verification tab in ITR. In this tab, you find a section called M Exempt Income (for reporting purposes). You have to select the options given under others. Select and select Nature’s Income drop-down menu (Sec 10 (12) – Recognized Provident Fund Receipt option) and enter the amount received in the amount box.

In the case of unexplained income, which is taxable at the slab rate applicable to you, you have to show it as ‘Income from other sources’. The total amount you entered will be paid along with PFF amount + deduction for EPF contribution in the last 80 years‘.

Example: Pf withdrew after 3 years of service = Rs.100000 / –

Claim for EPF contribution in last 3 years = Rs. 29600 / – Rs.

Now, as income from other sources, you get a total amount of Rs. 29600 / -.

8. How many days are required for PF withdrawal?

Answer: It depends, but usually, you can expect a withdrawal amount in 7 to 20 days.

9. How to extract PF online without UAN?

Answer: It is not possible to withdraw PF balance online without UAN.

It is all about the Pf Withdrawal Online Procedure. I hope I have helped you in your provident fund withdrawal process. If you still have any doubts, please comment below. I can help … Thanks.

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