SBI Check Book Request via SMS and Online Mode

In this post, you will know through SBI checkbook request SMS and online mode. How do you know the status of SBI checkbook delivery and fees applicable to various SBI checkbooks? For all information related to the SBI checkbook read the full post.

There are various ways to apply for the SBI checkbook. I will explain them all here.

You can check the status of the SBI Check Book after completing your request for SBI CheckBook.

How to apply for SBI Check Book:

5 ways to apply for SBI check book.

  • SBI Check Book Request via SMS
  • SBI NetBanking
  • SBI Mobile Banking
  • SBI Yono App
  • Call center

SBI Check Book Request via SMS:

Now SBI customers can request a checkbook via SMS.

Please remember that this method of setting a checkbook will only work if your mobile number is registered with a bank account.

If your mobile number is registered with a bank account, just send the following SMS from your registered mobile number.

Phase 1: Register your account for instant banking SMS based facility.

Send SMS from your registered number below to 22 09223488888 ‘

SMS Format: “REG <> 11 digit account number “

Ex: REG 348599XXXXX

You will receive the registration success message after some time. Now, you can request a checkbook by sending the following SMS.

stage 2: To request a new check book, just send the following SMS to 35 09223588888 ‘


Just send that text without adding anything.

After sending this message, you will get a reply message from SBI with confirmation code as below.

This message has a confirmation code messageCHQACC Y 728663

Just send this code to 09223588888

You have successfully placed the SBI checkbook request via SMS. It will be delivered to your registered address.

SBI online check book request using SBI net banking:

You can apply online for SBI checkbook using SBI net banking portal. I will explain it step by step.

Phase 1: Log in to the SBI NetBanking portal using the SBI Net Banking username and password. After logging in, click on the ‘Request and Inquiry’ tab.

stage 2: On this page, you can find “Check Book Request” option, click on it. See screenshot below for reference.

step 3: On the next page,

  • Select the account number for which you need a checkbook. You can avail of the check facility for savings accounts, current accounts, cash credits, and overdraft accounts.
  • The maximum threshold limit for each probe will be populated automatically if there is no change option. Usually, you can issue a check-up to Rs 10 lakh.
  • Select the number of the checkbook. The number of books you request depends on the account type you can choose.
  • Select the number of required check leaves per book from the menu below. You can choose a minimum of 10 leaves and a maximum of 50 leaves.
  • Select the instrument sub-category you need. There are 2 options. 1. Bearer check; 2. Check Order
    • Bearer check: If the person holding the check is a bearer check, he can collect the amount.
    • Check Order: Only the payee (ie the person in whose favor the check has been issued) or his authorized person can collect the amount of the check if it is an order check.
  • Finally, click submit.

step 4: On the next page, it will display all the options you have selected on the previous page and provide the option to select your delivery address. There are 3 options for you. Registered address, last available transmitted address, and new address. You can choose any option you want. Now click on submit.

In this way, you can request for SBI checkbook using SBI net banking portal.

Multicity checks will be issued on your request on this portal. If you would like a general checkbook, please contact your home branch.

Apply for SBI check book using SBI Anywhere Personal App:

You can apply using SBI checkbook SBI Personal Anywhere – SBI’s mobile banking application available for Android, iOS phones. Just install the app on your registered mobile number. You can use the app with mobile banking or internet banking / net banking login information.

Now lets SBI request for new SBI checkbook anywhere through a mobile banking app.

1: Login to SBI Anywhere app.

2: After login, tap on the request tab as you can see the image below.

Step 3: Tap on the next screen cheque book Option and then select Check book request the option.

step 4: As a final step, choose your account number, enter the check book number, and leave the check number and submit your request. This is that SBI check book request is made anywhere on sbi on mobile banking app.

You can also get SBI Check Book Request Option in SBI YoNo App. Download the app Follow the onscreen instructions just like the mobile banking app.

SBI check book request by calling customer service center:

The last option available for the SBI checkbook request is to call customer service from your registered mobile number. You need to provide your account details and confirm your personal details. To verify your authenticity, you will need to enter the ATM card details.

SBI Customer Care Toll-Free Number: 1800112211 or 18004253800

Follow the instructions and request a checkbook.

These are the 4 methods that SBI customers can use to request a new checkbook in online and offline mode without visiting the branch.

SBI Check Book Fee:

@ 3 per check leaf charge for all savings bank accounts with an average quarterly balance (QAB) of less than 25,000 at the end of the last quarter.

@ Charge leaf per check for accounts of QAB 25000 and above at the end of last quarter.

50 leaves per year free for Senior Citizen / Pay accounts and 20 leaves per year free for other P-segment / AGL segment customers.

This is the way to apply for the SBI Check Book subject. I will answer some questions related to the SBI checkbook below here.

Frequently Asked Questions related to SBI Check Book:

1. How to know SBI check book delivery status?

Please read this post to know SBI Check Book Status.

2. Minimum balance in SBI Savings Account with check book?

You have to maintain the average monthly balance for checkbook issued accounts as well as checkbook issued accounts. The average Montreal balance requirement is different for metro and urban branches, semi-urban and rural branches.

Metro and Urban branch customers get Rs. AMB of 3000 must be maintained.

The semi-urban branch customers get Rs. AMB of 2000 must be maintained.

Rural branch customers should maintain an AMB of Rs.1000 / –

3. How can I get the SBI Check Book immediately or on the same day?

You can get a checkbook immediately or on the same day by visiting your home branch. But these checkbooks are issued only to VIP / HNI customers. If you are a normal customer, don’t expect to get it over the counter right away. Once you request a checkbook at the bank branch, you will receive it within 1 or 2 weeks.

It is better to apply beforehand for new checks online or at the home branch so that you do not run short of checks for disposal.

Checkbooks will be dispatched within 3 working days from the date of request. The rest of the time will take the post office. Sometimes the post office takes its time to distribute checkbooks where the bank is not guilty.

These are common questions that people ask. If you have any other doubts, please comment below. I’ll help you. Thank you.

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